5 Amazing Benefits of Photography

With the right camera and vision, photography can make your life so much better. It can help lift our spirits when we're feeling down, help us look past the disappointments that life can sometimes throw at us, and stimulate our creativity and imagination. If you're interested in finding a new hobby or just want to take better pictures, here are some of the many benefits of developing a love of photography.

Photography affords immortality

Don't You Think? Look at all the old photos your mom or grandma had. Personally, I love looking at old photos and imagining what life must have been like "in the old days". And whenever I miss family members and friends who have passed away, a photo of them can bring back such fond and treasured memories.

Photography documents your journey through life

From the photographs of your childhood to the photographs of your children to the photographs of your grandchildren. From the first smile to the first steps to the first date, life can be documented and preserved. Photography captures personal communication that would otherwise be lost forever

Photography help you find beauty in the world.   

We can find beauty in our lives through photography. From the simplicity of everyday objects that surround us to the madness of our children that make us happy but drive us crazy. Using a camera to find beauty in the things and people around us helps us see things in a different light. A wonderful therapeutic benefit of photography is that it can help us see the beauty around us, we just have to take a moment to stop and look!

Photography preserves new and old memories

Think of the wife or husband who has lost a spouse. Or the child who lost a parent. With photos, not only can they not be afraid of forgetting their loved one's face, a photo can help them remember exactly what was going on when that photo was taken and cement the memory forever.

Photography is an act of creating

The simple act of creation is important in helping us as human beings to feel fulfilled. When a child completes a drawing that may not be the masterpiece it thinks it is, it feels proud to have the awards rain down on it. We all share this enthusiasm for creative work, regardless of our age. And don't worry, your perceived level of creativity doesn't matter, it's the act of doing it that counts.

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